Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Other Powerful Albert 5/3/12

Hey Guys!

Starting now I will be taking suggestions from people for future baseball topics to blog about. It could be about anything interesting related to baseball history! The person who's topic I use will  get a shout out from me on that blog. Well, here's my next blog:

Have you ever heard of Albert Belle? It's funny because neither did I! I didn't know who to blog about so I looked up the players with the highest career slugging percentage and he is currently 15th on the all time list. He played his career with the Indians, White Sox, and Orioles from 1989 -2000. Although he only played for 12 years, he had 381 homers and 1239 RBIs. However, he was very mean to the media, so he will probably never make the Hall of Fame. He still was a great power hitter.


  1. Interesting that you compare the two players named Albert. Pujols is also not the friendliest guy with the media, but his stats are so good that no matter what he will be a first ballot hall of famer anyway.

  2. Matt, check out Albert Belle's stats for the shortened 1995 season. I have always believed that his performance that year must be one of the best power seasons of all time!


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