Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Actors are in, players are out 5/29/12

Hey Guys!

If you didn't read my last blog about Gil Hodges, go check it out! Anyway, the reason I bring my previous blog up is that I wanted to ask you guys a trivia question. My question is:

There are two actors who never played or broadcasted baseball, but are still in the Hall of Fame. Who are they?

The answer is ...... Abbott and Costello and their famous "Who's on first" comedy routine (click on this YouTube link to check this classic out)! Now how do you think that makes Gil Hodges feel; two actors get in the Hall before he does?

Shoutout to my grandpa who provided me with the question!

And while we are still on the subject of Gil Hodges, I received a great comment today about Gil Hodges not making the Hall of Fame from the famous sports songwriter, Joe Pickering Jr., who wrote the song Gil Hodges which was performed by Phil Coley and published by Joe's company, King of the Road Music (I added a link to his company on the right side of my blog -- really cool site, so check it out).  Anyway, here is my favorite verse:

The boys of summer look down from the sky
In disbelief they shake their heads and ponder why
The Hall of Fame vote for Gil Hodges fell one vote shy
Why make the baseball world and Gil's widow cry?


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