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  1. Hi Matt,

    I met your dad at Fenway Park yesterday and he left a great impression on folks. I heard you may be coming to Boston for an important interview ... enjoy!


  2. To all concerned:

    My name is Paul Priore, and I am the former New York Yankees clubhouse attendant who was mentioned in Dylan Vox's article.

    I'm the coauthor of a tell-all book about my life and experiences working for the New York Yankees.

    I've included a lot of detail as to what happened to me.

    I would encourage everyone to look at the book's website:

    If you choose to purchase the book, "Abused by the New York Yankees," I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

    I've exposed many things about the Yankees organization and a majority of the baseball players who were team members in the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s.

    I've left no stone unturned.

    Thank you.


    Paul Priore

    (ex-NY Yankees clubhouse attendant)

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