Thursday, September 20, 2012

An Interview with Hank Aaron!!!!!! 9/20/12

Hey baseball fans!

I'm here with another interview everyone! I recently sent in some questions to the awesome, the best, the absolutely amazing.............Hammerin' Hank Aaron! That's right baseball fans, here are the answers that I got via email from probably the best baseball player alive today! (He only answered three of my seven questions, because he gets so many requests, so it's a short interview.) But first, let me tell you all a little about the Braves and Brewers great:

In a career from 1954-1976 with the Bravos and the Brew Crew, Hank Aaron was in one word: GREATSPECTACULARAWESOMECOOLESTBBALLPLAYEREVER! He is second career-wise in homers (755), third in hits (3,771) and first in RBIs (2,297).  He also made it to 25 All-Star Games, a record. (The leader before that was Stan Musial.) Although he was so good, he only won one World Series (it was against the Yankees)! Good thing the Bronx Bombers beat them the year after. Anyway, he got into the Hall of Fame easily in his first opportunity after retirement. Here's Hank's Hall of Fame page, if you're interested. Ok, I think I've said enough about Hammerin' Hank, so here's the interview:

Matt: You were so consistent during your entire career despite some major distractions. How did you always manage to stay so focused?
Hank: That is a large part of playing the game. You must remain focused at all times when on the field. You learn to block out crowd noise and other events that could distract you during a game, and it just came naturally.

Matt: Most people know that you were a great hitter, but a lot less know that you won three Gold Gloves. Did you work a lot at your fielding?
Hank: All players work hard on whatever is required of them at their particular position, particularly in spring training.

Matt: Are you buddies with Willie Mays and other Hall of Famers? If so, what do you guys talk about when you get together?
Hank: Oh yes, I am still friends with a number of players who played when I did and not all are in the Hall of Fame. We discuss current day baseball and our daily lives.

Well, there you have it folks, an interview with Hank Aaron. Even though it was kind of short, I hope you all liked it.  Thanks so much to Hank Aaron for agreeing to answer the questions (he is the first member of my dream team that I've ever interviewed). Also thanks to Susan Bailey for coordinating the interview with Hank.

Anyway, there is more good stuff coming your way. As I said in my blog about Juan Gonzalez, the next scheduled blog post will be about players dying or almost dying because of an on-the-field injury! Crazy, I know, but true. I also have some big surprises I am working on, so stay tuned!!  Well, thanks for reading, baseball fans!


  1. Outstanding, what a treat to hear from one of the all-time greats. But greatest living player must be Willie Mays, who had more tools than Hammerin Hank and only hit fewer homers because he played in ballparks that were not at all hitter-friendly. Not sure there will ever be another Say Hey Kid.

    1. Yeah, but Hank is in the Top 3 for most career homers, RBIs, and hits. Mays should be ahead in hits and RBIs because of the sizes of the Polo Grounds and Candlestick Park. He just didn't.

  2. Those of us who grew up in Wisconsin following hammerin Hank have a different perspective on who had more 'tools'. According to Warren Spahn, who knows a thing or two about hitters and talent, Hank could have been in the H.O.F. as a pitcher if he wanted to do so. Hank really didn't start hitting homers in bunches until he realized how much it could help his team and of course his salary. He was really a singles/doubles/tripples guy early in his career. By the way he was called 'hammerin' based on his severe downward swing which came from his batting cross-handed. He changed to holding the bat correct when he joined the the Eau Claire Braves. The swing was really a severe chop but produced such great backspin that balls carried out of the park and against the walls consistently. We in Wisconsin believe if Hank was in the New York media market, he may have been more famous than Willie.

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