Saturday, May 26, 2012

Matt's Dream Team 5/26/12

Hey guys!
It's finally time. You've all been anticipating this very moment. You are about to read....My Dream Team! I will be listing my all time favorite baseball players by position for you guys! My only rule is that no one can be playing today. Here it is:

Catcher: Carlton Fisk (1969-1993, Red Sox, White Sox)
Why? He was a great power-hitting catcher, and his homer in Game 6 of the 1975 World Series makes him that much better.

First Base: Lou Gehrig (1923-1939, Yankees)
Why? The Iron Horse was a great all-around hitter and team leader, who helped jumpstart the Yanks to where they are now. Thanks Larrupin' Lou!

Second Base: Rogers Hornsby (1915-1937, Cardinals, Cubs, Giants, Braves, Browns)
Why? He was an awesome guy if you're talking about batting average. Great fielder and just terrific at baseball.

Third Base: Mike Schmidt (1972-1989, Phillies)
Why? He was a homer hitting machine and also a big time gold glove fielder who took a horrible team and made it a playoff contender for several years. (See "The Flounderin' Phils" for more info.)

Shortstop: Cal Ripken Jr. (1981-2001, Orioles)
Why? The Iron Man certainly earned his title. An excellent all-around baseball player who made the O's awesome.

Left Fielder: Stan Musial (1941-1963, Cardinals)
Why? The Man was amazing. Who else gets to 24 All-Star Games in his career? (Someone else on this list)

Center Fielder: Mickey Mantle (1951-1968, Yankees)
Why? The Mick is my favorite all-time Yankee, so he has to be on this list.

Right Fielder: Hank Aaron (1954-1976, Braves, Brewers)
Why? The true home run king didn't go to 25 All-Star Games for nothing.

Left handed Starting Pitcher: Warren Spahn (1942-1965, Braves, Mets, Giants)
Why else would Braves fans pray saying 'Spahn and Sain and hope for rain'?

Right handed Starting Pitcher: Nolan Ryan (1966-1993, Angels, Astros, Mets, Rangers)
Why? The man with the most career strikeouts and no-hitters pitched lights out. He mowed down everyone!

Relief Pitcher: Dennis Eckersley (1975-1998, Athletics, Red Sox, Cardinals, Indians, Cubs)
Why? One of the greatest relievers of all time. I do love him, but once Mo Rivera retires, then Eck is off the list.

Well, there you have it: My Dream Team. Do you think that there are some better players? Answer by posting a comment. Thanks for reading!


  1. cool! so much info sooo cool baseball players

  2. What a great list! Love your conversational writing--feels like I am right next to you!!

  3. Its a great list, and I can forgive a Yankee fan for not picking the best centerfielder ever (Willie Mays, I mean of course). Maybe you should add a pinch hitter to the team-- my pick is Rusty Staub, the Grande Orange.

    1. That is a good idea. I would choose Alan Trammell, and not just because we have the same birthday.

    2. Might also consider adding a lefthanded relief specialist (teams have to include a guy who can come in to get out the tough lefthanded hitters). for me, that would be Jesse Orosco

    3. Good call Mr. Grappler. Gotta love Jesse O!!!

  4. Who wins the DH slot--Harold Baines or Edgar Martinez?


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