Sunday, June 15, 2014

An Interview with Washington, D.C. Shadow Senator Paul Strauss 6/15/14

Hey baseball fans!

I have an interview for you today! It's with Washington, D.C. Shadow Senator Paul Strauss! I know what you're thinking: what in the world is a Shadow Senator? Well, the District of Columbia is not a state, but the residents of Washington, D.C. want it to gain Statehood. So, Shadow Senators (of which there are just two in the whole country) help spread the word that D.C. wants full Federal recognition, self-determination and eventually to be recognized as a state. Although they are called Shadow Senators, they do not have a seat in the U.S. Senate, but they may have a seat there someday.

Senator Strauss has been a Democratic Shadow Senator from the District of Columbia since 1997. His alma mater is American University, graduating with a bachelor's degree and a Juris Doctorate. He was born in Brooklyn, NY and is a very big baseball fan, which would explain why I asked him to do this interview. With that, here is the interview with D.C. Shadow Senator Paul Strauss:

Matt: What made you want to run for the position of Shadow Senator in the District of Columbia, and what exactly do you do?
Senator Strauss: I wanted to run for US Senator from D.C. to help my community get Statehood. Now that D.C. is well represented in the National League (meaning the Washington Nationals of the MLB's NL East), it is time we were represented in the National Legislature. As D.C.'s elected Senator, I represent the District of Columbia at proceedings of the United States Senate, as well as advocate for Statehood around the nation.

Matt: Who is your favorite baseball batter/pitcher of all time?
Senator Strauss: That's hard. Babe Ruth? He did both.

Matt: What is your favorite baseball team? What is your favorite moment in that team's history?
Senator Strauss: Well, I like the Nationals of course. Opening Day when they first got to D.C.

Matt: What's your favorite ballpark food?
Senator Strauss: A Hebrew National Dog topped with Ben's Chili Bowl's famous chili.

Matt: Do you ever talk about baseball with your fellow Shadow Senator?
Senator Strauss: Sometimes. Senator Brown (Shadow Senator Michael Brown) is also a fan.

Matt: What do you hope to do after your term as Shadow Senator ends?
Senator Strauss: Watch more baseball games of course.

Matt: When you think of baseball, what immediately pops into your head?
Senator Strauss: Summertime...

Matt: You grew up in Brooklyn after the Dodgers left town. Do you like the Dodgers or any NY team?
Senator Strauss: I am still a big Yankee fan. I grew up watching them, and I proudly wear a real 1996 World Series ring given out by George Steinbrenner himself (see pic below).

Thanks to Shadow Senator Paul Strauss for answering my questions, and the best of luck on getting D.C. admitted as the 51st state. Also, thanks for reading this interview and I hope you enjoyed it. Check back soon for more of "all the buzz on what wuzz."

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