Monday, December 9, 2013

Arguably the Greatest Single Game Performance by a Player in MLB History 12/9/13

Hey baseball fans!

Like I said in my post about pitchers who can hit, pitchers can smack the long ball. But was there ever a pitcher who hit a homer and pitched a no-hitter in the same game? The answer is yes, there were actually three, but only one pitcher pitched a no-hitter and hit two homers in the same game. Ladies and gentleman: Rick Wise!

Rick Wise played for 18 seasons in the MLB with the Phillies, Red Sox, Padres, Cardinals, and Indians. He had 188 career wins and an ERA of 3.69. He also pitched a no-hitter on June 23, 1971. However, this was not a normal no-hitter. Not by a long shot. On this day, when Wise was almost immaculate while pitching for the Phillies at Cincinnati, Wise hit two homers! He went 2-4 for the game, but don't forget the fact that he pitched a no-hitter with only a single walk (that was to Dave Concepcion)! The ending score was 4-0, Phillies, with Wise driving in three runs! Rick's performance that night was arguably the greatest single game performance by a player in baseball history!

Well, it just goes to show you that sometimes pitchers have to help themselves get wins, because there teammates aren't driving in runs. Anyway, thanks to MLB Network's "Prime 9" countdown of the top nine coolest in-game feats for inspiring me to do this post. I hope you liked it and thanks for reading it. Check back in a few days for more of "all the buzz on what wuzz."

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