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Five Potential 2019 World Series Rematches/Regular Season Matchups 3/6/19

Hey baseball fans!

Yes, the title of this post is a little confusing, I know. Basically, in this post, let's discuss some 2019 interleague matchups that could reappear in the '19 World Series as World Series rematches. Quick note: the following matchups will feature non-natural rivals, so the Yankees vs. Mets matchup will not be in this post. For reference, the interleague divisional matchups for 2019 are the AL East vs. NL West, AL Central vs. NL East, and AL West vs. NL Central. Still confused? Great!

Matchup 1: Red Sox vs. Dodgers
Regular Season Series: July 12-14
World Series Matchups: 1916, 2018
The Sox and Dodgers are coming off two amazing seasons, facing off against each other in the 2018 World Series. But could they both do it all again? The only question is how the Dodgers will fare in a new NL West with Manny Machado now a member of their interstate rivals, the San Diego Padres. Speaking of which...

Matchup 2: Yankees vs. Padres
Regular Season Series: May 27-29
World Series Matchup: 1998
The 1998 World Series saw the 114-win Yankees sweep the upstart Padres for New York's 24th championship. The 2019 Yankees hope to break that win total and will most likely once again be in the 2019 postseason. The Padres, meanwhile, have the best farm system in baseball and the newly-acquired Machado. If all goes according to plan for the Friars, we could see them in the NL postseason bracket as an underdog Wild Card team.

Matchup 3: Indians vs. Braves
Regular Season Series: April 19-21
World Series Matchups: 1948, 1995
The Baby Braves and the rest of the Atlanta squad are in an extremely competitive division, thanks to the Phillies signing Bryce Harper, while the Indians have almost a 100% chance of winning the AL Central for the fourth year in a row. The two teams would most likely have very different paths to the World Series, but could both make it, nonetheless.

Matchup 4: Twins vs. Braves
Regular Season Series: August 5-7
World Series Matchups: 1991
I'm including the Braves once more because, first of all, the AL Central doesn't have many World Series contenders and, second of all, the 1991 World Series was one of the best to ever be played. It went a full seven games and featured what is, at least in my opinion, the greatest pitching performance in baseball history by Twins pitcher and Hall of Famer Jack Morris. If this World Series matchup has a pitching performance of that awesomeness again, all of baseball is going to be quite happy.

Matchup 5: A's vs. Cardinals
Regular Season Series: June 25-26 and August 3-4
World Series Matchups: 1930, 1931
The "Mark McGwire Series" hasn't happened in October since the A's played in Philadelphia, but this would still be a meaningful series, for sure. The A's and Cards both have the potential to be Wild Card teams this year at the minimum and would combine to make a memorable Fall Classic.

I am well-aware that most of these World Series matchups will not happen, but any World Series matchup that has history (and revisited history in the form of a regular season matchup) is an infinitely better matchup, plain and simple. Thanks for reading this post and I hope you enjoyed it. Check back soon for more of "all the buzz on what wuzz."

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