Thursday, March 28, 2019

BwM's Five Bold Predictions for the 2019 Regular Season 3/28/19

Hey baseball fans!

The 2019 MLB regular season starts today, so it's only fitting I give you five of my boldest predictions for the upcoming campaign. Remember: these predictions are bold.

Prediction #1: No National League team tops 95 wins
Generally speaking, 85 wins means a team is good, while 95 wins guarantees a division championship. Well, I'm predicting that over half of the National League finishes in between these two benchmarks. Right now, I have the Braves, Phillies, Nationals, Cubs, Cardinals, Brewers, Dodgers and Rockies fighting for Wild Card spots and division crowns, but there are way too many "what-if" scenarios in the National League that would allow me to truly predict a playoff picture. Sure, I have my rough estimates, but the NL is going to be extremely tight this year no matter what.

Prediction #2: The American League 2018 playoff teams repeat as postseason contestants in 2019
While teams moved up and down the power rankings of the NL during this past offseason, the giants of the American League just got better and increased their chances of recreating the 2018 postseason in 2019. The only difference I have is that the Yankees win the AL East, while the Red Sox get the first AL Wild Card. Otherwise, the Astros cruise to another AL West championship, the Indians again destroy a really bad division, and the A's sneak away with the second Wild Card spot for the second consecutive year. I also have the Rays and Angels giving the Wild Card teams at least a little bit of trouble.

Prediction #3: Nolan Arenado wins NL MVP
I made this prediction last year, but I'm making it again! Fresh off a new contract extension and inspired by a strong season by the Rockies last year, Arenado's time to shine is now. The modern reincarnation of Mike Schmidt will most definitely be up there amongst the leaders for home runs and RBIs, but his defensive metrics will carry him to one of baseball's most coveted awards.

Prediction #4: A big trade shakes up the postseason picture
Sure, Machado getting traded to LA last July was big, but I'm talking about "Yoenis Cespedes to the Mets in 2015" big with this prediction. This hypothetical trade will probably aid a National League team and set that team apart from the others in some capacity, whether it be on the mound or at the dish. Either way, though, it's bound to happen, seeing as how slow free agency has been the last couple of years, so players might be more inclined to request a trade.

Prediction #5: The World Series matchup: Yankees vs. Cubs
Call me a homer, but the Yankees have one of the most formidable lineups and bullpens in baseball. The starting pitching needs to prove itself, but I'm seeing a trip to the Fall Classic for the Yanks in 2019. The Cubs, meanwhile, got unlucky in last year's postseason and underachieved consequently. They're out for blood in 2019 and, ultimately, one team has to win the NL pennant, as tight as its going to be.

What do you think of my predictions? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below. Thanks for reading this post and I hope you enjoyed it. Check back soon for more of "all the buzz on what wuzz."

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