Monday, January 4, 2016

If I Had A Hall of Fame Ballot 2016 1/4/16

Hey baseball fans!

Hall of Fame voting is this Wednesday for the Class of 2016! I'm so pumped to see who's going to get in, who's going to barely miss the cut, and who surprisingly won't make it. In honor of Hall of Fame voting season, here are the players who I think should get into the Hall in 2016 in their first year of eligibility:

Player One: Ken Griffey, Jr.
Why? He was a member of the All-Century team of the 1900s and only played for just a single decade (the 90's) in the 100-year span. The 13-time All Star and 1997 AL MVP's 630 career home runs and 1,836 RBIs rank sixth and 15th all time, respectively.

Player Two: Trevor Hoffman
Why? It's very simple: the seven-time All Star and two-time saves leader is one of only two pitchers in baseball history with over 600 saves (601 to be exact). That 2.87 career ERA isn't too shabby, either. He also helped the Padres get to the franchise's second World Series in its history in 1998 by saving a whopping 53 games with an ERA of 1.48.  [Bonus from Matt: If Hoffman gets in, he will be my 16th HOF'er interview. Here's the interview I did of Hoffman in 2013.]

Player Three: Billy Wagner
Why? He's no Trevor Hoffman, but the seven-time All Star has a great case for the Hall of Fame in 2016. He saved 422 games during his career while posting an ERA of 2.31. Oh, and those 422 saves rank fifth all time.

Just to clear things up, Griffey, Hoffman, and Wagner are not the only players I think deserve to be in the Hall. I also think that Mike Piazza, Jeff Bagwell, Edgar Martinez, Alan Trammell, Jeff Kent, Tim Raines, and Fred McGriff belong in Cooperstown. Anyway, do you agree with my opinions? Leave your thoughts in the comment section. Thanks for reading this post and I hope you enjoyed it. Check back soon for more of "all the buzz on what wuzz."

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