Tuesday, June 30, 2015

MLwwB: What if Babe Ruth Wasn't Sold to the Yankees? 6/30/15

Hey baseball fans!

I just put up another ML"what would"B post on More Than A Fan! In every ML"what would"B post, I discuss what would have happened if a famous event in baseball history had gone differently than it did in reality. For my latest post, I wondered what would have happened if Babe Ruth wasn't sold to the New York Yankees. If you want to know the answer, just click here.

Thanks for reading the ML"what would"B and I hope you enjoyed it. Check back soon for more of "all the buzz on what wuzz."

And if you want to read about some more baseball history, please check out my book, Amazing Aaron to Zero Zippers: An Introduction to Baseball History. Babe Ruth has his very own chapter, "Booming Babe."

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