Saturday, December 20, 2014

My Top Five Favorite Ballplayers Who Never Won an MVP Award 12/20/14

Hey baseball fans!

The player with the most MVP Awards ever is Barry Bonds with seven, but even some of the all-time greats never won an MVP Award. So, today I'm counting down my top five favorite baseball players in baseball history who never won an MVP. Note: I have one rule for this list: they had to have started their careers after 1931 (when the award was first given out), so someone like Cy Young will not be on the list.

Number Five: Gary Carter, Catcher
Years Played: 1974-1992
Why? Carter went to eleven All Star Games and even won a World Series with the Mets. The Kid's best MVP-worthy year was 1980, when he hit 29 homers and drove in 101 RBIs. Who won the 1980 NL MVP? Mike Schmidt.

Number Four: Kirby Puckett
Years Played: 1984-1995
Why? The well-liked, roly poly Puckett won two World Series with the Minnesota Twins and collected over 2,000 hits in just twelve years in the MLB. However, he never put up eye-popping stats, but instead did a little bit of everything, which is probably why he never won the AL MVP.

Number Three: Ralph Kiner
Years Played: 1946-1955
Why? Kiner led the league in homers in seven consecutive seasons and went to six consecutive All Star Games. One problem: the team that he won all those home run titles with, the Pittsburgh Pirates, did not win a single pennant while he was there and, usually, the player who wins the MVP plays on one of the best teams or the best team in baseball.

Number Two: Eddie Murray
Years Played: 1977-1997
Why? Steady Eddie was very consistent throughout his career and is only one of four hitters with 500+ home runs and 3,000+ hits. However, just like Puckett, Murray always did a little bit of everything and never had huge stats. In fact, he never had over 35 homers in a season and never had more than 200 hits in a season. 

Number One: Derek Jeter
Years Played: 1995-2014
Why? One of my favorite hitters to ever play the game, Jeter retired as the player with the sixth-most amount of hits in baseball history. He batted .310 lifetime and also scored 1,923 runs. So why did he never win the MVP Award? I think it's for two reasons. One, on the pennant-winning teams that he played with on the Yankees, it was always a group effort; he wasn't the only one with monstrous stats. Two, contact hitters don't usually win the MVP Award and Jeter hit over 20 home runs in just 3 seasons.

Do you agree with my list? Write your thoughts down in the comments section. Anyway, thanks for reading this post and I hope you enjoyed it. Check back soon for more of "all the buzz on what wuzz."


  1. Jeter should've been the MVP in 1999. He was the best player in baseball that year. Even his defense was great. Also possibly in '98 and 2000. But, smack in the middle of the Roid Era ... no way. A couple of his later seasons, '06 and '09, were also MVP worthy.

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