Monday, June 11, 2012

Nickname Survey Announcement 6/11/12

Hey Guys,

I just took down my White Sox survey and the results about whether they would stay in first were one Yes, four No's, two Maybes, and one Not Sure.

I've now decided to survey all of my blog readers to see which is their all time favorite baseball nickname from all the nicknames I have posted about and will post about soon.  So today, I'm putting up a survey for you to pick your favorite Splendid Speedies nickname.  After this group survey is done, I will put up surveys for the groups relating to Fabulous Fielders, Proficient Pitchers, best hitters and all around nicknames.  The winner of each group will then be put into the final survey round.  The survey is about halfway down on the right column of my blog, right above the Blog Archive.  Please vote!!!!  And tell your friends to vote too!!   In a few weeks, I will announce the ultimate nickname winner.


PS - you don't need a gmail account to vote, by the way.

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