Friday, February 21, 2020

Five Teams That Need New Threads 2/21/20

Hey baseball fans!

MLB The Show 20 comes out next month, and one of the biggest additions to the latest edition of the beloved video game franchise is the long-awaited chance to change a team's entire identity in Franchise Mode. In honor of this new option, let's talk about teams that need a rebrand in the current MLB landscape.

#5: New York Yankees
Why? Don't hate on my idea just yet. Obviously the Yankees look is iconic, but it's time for some updates to the formula. I'm not saying they should change their main color to pink, but maybe an alternate uniform with some pizazz is in order. They should really use their logo with the baseball and the bat as the leg of the "K" more often, for starters.

#4: Los Angeles Angels
Why? Among all the teams that could use a name change, "The Angels Angels" is towards the top of the list. I also wouldn't mind seeing the Halos go back to their powder blues or their midnight blue hats. I'm just not a fan of the red right now.

#3: Chicago Cubs
Why? Same reason as the Yankees. It's about time the Cubbies updated their uniforms in a drastic way. I mean, their logo is a bear. Why not try something brown? I know it sounds bad, but the Padres certainly pull it off. Also, what do cubs (or Bears) have to do with Chicago? I know the Cubs got their name from their young roster when the name was decided, but Chicago is such a unique and historical city that I'm surprised the Cubs moniker has stuck around for so long.

#2: Colorado Rockies
Why? The purple just hasn't worked in Colorado and the name is just a mountain range. I mean, their mascot is a Triceratops, so maybe that could establish a name. "Colorado Carnivores" sounds a lot more intimidating than "Colorado Rockies." And what kid doesn't go through a dinosaur phase?

#1: Seattle Mariners
Why? You want to talk about a team that has an allegorical name? Well, the Mariners' front office is on a sinking ship. The teal is great, but the name isn't, especially considering its association with the only remaining team to never reach a World Series. I put this at number one for the dire situation the franchise is in. I actually like the Mariners uniforms and name, but the threads and name are sadly associated with losing. Sometimes, a new look is all a team needs to break through.

What other teams need a rebranding? Let me know in the comments section below. Thanks for reading this post and I hope you enjoyed it. Check back soon for more of "all the buzz on what wuzz."

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