Friday, November 16, 2012

Fergie as a Cub, Was not a Slug 11/16/12

Hey baseball fans!

I'm back with another post! I didn't really know who to blog about, so I looked at the list of Hall of Famers and came across a ballplayer named Fergie Jenkins. Here's a little bit about this Hall of Fame pitcher.

Fly's 19-year career from 1965-1983 with the Cubs, Phillies, Rangers, and Red Sox was very similar to Nolan Ryan's. He had a lot of wins, but he also had a lot of losses. Nonetheless, his career record was 284-226. In his career, he went to three All-Star Games, won the 1971 NL Cy Young Award with Chicago, and had a career ERA of 3.34. Also like the Ryan Express, Fergie had a lot of strikeouts. A LOT! 3,192 K's to be exact, which happens to twelfth on the all-time list. Sadly, despite these stats, he never won a World Series, because he was on such bad teams at the time. The Cubs haven't won one since 1908, Texas has never won the big one, Philly didn't win a Fall Classic until after he left, and the Red Sox were in the midst of the Curse of the Bambino. Of course, like I said before, he is in the Hall as a Cub. He became the eleventh Cubs Hall of Famer in 1991. So, remember, you don't have to win a championship to get into the Hall. In fact, some HoFers never even got a taste of postseason play!


  1. Hi Matt. Steven is your father? Since you wrote about a Hall of Famer, Fergie Jenkins I just wanted you to know that I interviewed for my book and he was the nicest Hall of Famer. He along with all the Hall of Famers from 1936 through 2010 are in my book " Induction Day at Cooperstown A History of the Induction Ceremony."

    1. Hi Dennis,

      Yes, my dad Steve helps me with tech and social media for the blog. So cool about Fergie Jenkins!! Have you interviewed any other hall of famers too? Do you think Fergie or any of the other hall of famers you know would want to get interviewed by me? I've interviewed yogi, jim palmer, hank aaron and others. Your book sounds super cool!! I will ask my dad to buy it for me for holidays. Thanks.