Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Nadel Elected to the Hall of Fame!!! 9/11/12

Hey baseball fans!
Since my last name is Nadel, I'm always looking out for famous Nadels on the web, especially if they have any sort of baseball history connection, and I just came across a very interesting one.
Up until recently, the only Nadel in baseball history that I knew of was Norbert Nadel, the judge who put Pete Rose in jail. Well, I just read about a man named Eric Nadel, who happens to be the radio broadcaster for the Texas Rangers. Eric was recently inducted into the Rangers' Hall of Fame, in the same year which coincidentally is the 40th year of the Rangers' existence. After graduating from Brown University, he has been the Rangers' broadcaster for the last 34 years. Another one of his achievements is that he won the Texas Sportscaster of the Year Award seven times.
After I found out about Eric, I reached out to the Rangers organization to congratulate Eric on his achievement. I also mentioned that I have blogged about Nolan Ryan, the President of the Rangers, a bunch of times on my blog, and also included Nolan on my all time dream team as the starting right-handed pitcher, which means I think he's one of the greatest pitchers in baseball history. In return, the Rangers sent me a bunch of really great Rangers souvenirs.
Although I don't know of any relation between us, Eric Nadel and I might be cousins or something like that because all of the Nadels that I know of have ancestors tracing back to Europe. Even though I'm a die-hard Yankees fan (which I told the Rangers), and the two teams will probably meet in the playoffs this year, I still felt the need to reach out and congratulate Eric Nadel (my possible relative).  
So, the moral of the story here is that blood is thicker than water, or I guess in the case of baseball, Gatorade.

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  1. First tennis, now baseball? You Nadels are everywhere. ;)

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